Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January struggles

So much for background. I’d been planning to move up to Z in the spring to do away with all the long distance stuff, but the way my job search turned out, it seemed God was telling me very clearly to stay in Y. SM came down to spend New Year’s with my family, and it was amazing.

 But after the holidays, with the coldness and the two-month blues of January and February, I really had an awful struggle with his issue. I read a lot about it. I’d been reading since the fall, and that was a very good place to start (I was not about to search online). It led me to Al Mohler’s articles on the subject – I can hardly express how helpful and amazing those were. If I ever meet him, I might have to embarrass him with a hug. It also led me to Daniel Weiss’s very good website, and all the links there led me to a bunch of great blogs. While the blogs were helpful, they did end up being a bit depressing too – maybe it was just too much at once, and I was already worrying.

So one weekend at home while I was snowed in, I stayed up until about three every night, reading, and pouring out prayers and thoughts onto what’s growing to be quite a series of word documents. That’s why I decided to make a blog. It really helped to just get everything out, and besides, I had some material to start with. And if anyone read it, I might find some kindred soul. So I deleted all the other ones I’ve started over the years and set up this one.

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