Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A journal entry from that Sunday

Sunday, evening we talked to my grandparents, and I said goodbye to him - I was going back home Monday morning.

Sunday, December 13th


 I’m so thankful. So so very thankful. I feel so much better about our relationship than I ever have before. It’s a lovely peace. And yes, there’s sadness and heartbreak and how I will live through the next few months I don’t know. But to know where I stand… It’s immeasurably sweet. And now at least I know. I don’t know how much harder and  more heartbreaking it will get, but I can pack my armour and granola bars so I can go out and do my best when that comes.

And I love him – I know for sure that I really do truly love him. Maybe he won’t get through this, and whatever time from now, we’ll be on our own separate paths, but for now I want to be right there walking with him hand in hand.

Thy mercy is in the heavens and thy faithfulness reaches to the clouds .


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