Thursday, February 4, 2016

Back to the present

 I wrote most of the last posts on that snowy day weekend. So I'm all caught up but for some of the research I found - that might be useful to have on hand, and I'll put up some links or quotes.

I have this weekend at home, and then I'll be up in Z again. The reason I have been visiting so much, is that he has a recovery program he's going through every Saturday morning until the beginning of March. When hopefully his small group will begin meeting on a weekday, and he'll be free weekends.

Driving is just awful. I really dislike it, and I can't let on to anyone exactly how scary it is to me, because then they'd just worry, or tell me I shouldn't go on all these trips. After a day filled with driving, I'll close my eyes at night, and see myself sliding into all kinds of nasty wrecks. Sometimes I'm drifting into the wrong lane, sometimes my brakes give out or I turn into the wrong place, or take a corner too fast... Ugh.

But I only have two more visits planned until SM will be able to start visiting again.

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