Thursday, February 4, 2016

Comparison problems?

 It’s odd. Most women in my place struggle with the comparison issue. They blame themselves for not being beautiful or shapely or sexy enough, and so on. Maybe it would be different if I was actually his wife. Hold on a sec; let me catch my breath here. Okay, maybe in that case I’d feel that way too. But I did not even think about that until he mentioned it. And apparently it really does not make a difference. I don’t know if I really truly believe that, but I get the point. The allure and so on of that awful stuff is something different. Apparently it need not reflect on the woman. I am going to kind of need that explained a little better, but yes, I know what that means in general, I accept that. It does however make me very afraid of comparison afterward. I’m getting all lost in my words. Let me reconnoiter.

 The attractiveness of his woman is not the cause of his sin, or a reason for it. But here’s the thing:
His sin is almost certainly going to lead him to comparison (whether consciously or not) of his own woman with the other women he looks at.

A. (i.e., dissatisfaction with his own) may not lead to B., but B. is going to cause A.
That is what I am afraid of. Well, one of the things I’m afraid of in this relationship.

He has a very, very, clear notion of what sex is and what it means and what it looks like, and that whole paradigm is completely and utterly wrong and evil and founded in lies. That’s a case of mistaken identity that might take a whole lifetime to iron out.

Somebody said it’s like they have to rewire their brains. Imagine that.

It gives me even more appreciation for the what he's going through.

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