Monday, January 25, 2016

Intro to me

  I am a twenty-something girl with a wonderful family and I have the most wonderful sweetheart ever. We’ve known each other for three years or so, and wrote to one another on and off (I’ll tell about that later maybe), and started actually dating/courting (I’ll have to ramble on about that too!) about a year ago. We’ve got some issues to work through – pretty scary ones too – and I’ve been so thankful for his bravery and diligence in facing them. There’s no-one I admire more.

I might end up being a little paranoid about people I know reading this. Because they're going to recognize me right away.

I wish to insert a gem of a quote here.

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you." - Joseph Heller

Very sage advice, I think.

So I’m Iris. My sweetheart (I just hate the term boyfriend – I think it’s my upbringing) is S.M. I live in Y., in the state of X, but I was born in Z, in the state of V, which is where SM is from (three hundred long miles away) . Very informative, no? Informativeness is the best. As is making up words.
What else? Everything will be explained as I go on. I do talk about some of my fictional families a lot, but it really doesn’t matter, because even if I took a paragraph to explain, how useful would that be to know?

Okay, that’s all. Please forgive my excessive use and misuse of commas, semicolons; and dashes - it's something I can't escape.

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